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Exercise: Group Classes

  • Do you enjoy exercising as part of a friendly, welcoming and happy group?
  • Are you looking for a more cost effective and flexible option?
  • Are you sufficiently self-disciplined to attend classes regularly to get the results you want?

A fun way to improve your fitness

If you want the buzz of working out with others, try our group classes. A cost effective alternative to personal training, they are a great way to improve your fitness – especially when you try a combination of different classes.

Come to a Me Spot class and you’ll find a really warm welcome from a group of friendly women who don’t take themselves too seriously. Our instructors are chosen for their ability to deliver classes that are fun, as well as being safe and effective.

Me Spot exercise classes are suitable for all levels

If you are just getting back into fitness, they will offer you options that are just right for you. In time, when you are ready to push yourself a bit harder, they’ll be right there behind you!

Group Class Timetable

Day Time Class Location Notes
Tues 10:00–10:45 Strength for Life Zoom Suitable for all fitness levels
Tues 19:00–20:00 Pilates Zoom Suitable for all fitness levels
Weds 8:00–8:30 Morning Stretch Zoom Suitable for all fitness levels
Weds 19:00–20:00 Walk & Tone Wandsworth Common Summer months only. Need to have completed a Learn to Nordic Walk course
Fri 08:30–09:00 Morning Stretch Zoom Suitable for all fitness levels
Fri TBC Nordic Walk & Lunch Various Quarterly social walks get details straight to your inbox
Sun 09:15–10:15 Nordic Walking Wandsworth Common A faster paced class for experienced Nordic Walkers
Sun 10:30–11:30 Nordic Walking Wandsworth Common Need to have completed a Learn to Nordic Walk course
Sun 12:00–13:15 Learn to Nordic Walk Wandsworth Common 3 week course Please email for start dates

Strength for Life

Designed to maintain and develop body strength, improve tone and prevent the muscle loss that happens as we age.


Zoom class £10


Helps to ease stiff joints, loosen tight muscles and reduce pain, leaving you more flexible and able to move more freely.


Zoom class £6


Strengthens your core, improves posture, helps alleviate back pain and relieves stress. Some would say it is a must for every woman.


6 week block £75* | Drop in class £14

Walk & Tone

A more challenging class for experienced Nordic walkers who want more.


6 week block £75* | Drop in class £14

Nordic Walking

An outdoor full-body workout with all the benefits of normal walking and so much more. Low impact, very effective and lots of fun.


Book of 10 classes £110 | Drop in class £14

Learn to Nordic Walk

A 3 week course teaching you the Nordic walking technique and how to adapt it to suit your individual goals and fitness level. It’s the first step to joining a wider community of like-minded, friendly women just like you.


Group course £80 | One-to-one £175

* Block prices can be adjusted when booking if you know in advance that you cannot make a particular session.


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